Checkout Policy

Checkout Periods:
2 weeks for Interlibrary Loan Materials
2 weeks for Books and Printed Materials
1 week for DVDs and Launchpads

Overdue Fines:
10 cents per item per day for Books and Printed Materials
50 cents per item per day for DVDs and Launchpads

If you are nearing the due date call 785/366-7219, email, or come in and we will extend the due date for one additional check out period as long as there has not been a request from another patron for the item(s).

Lost or Damaged Items:
It will be the responsibility of the patron to reimburse the Library for the full replacement cost of any item lost or damaged beyond repair.
If an item is damaged, but repairable, please let us know so we can take care of it before reshelving. You will not be charged; these things happen!

Overdue Policy:
5 days overdue: We will remind you by phone or email. You will have the opportunity to renew without incurring the overdue fine(s).
10 days overdue: We will remind you again by phone or email. You will not have the opportunity to renew, and you must pay all overdue fines.
30 days overdue:  You will receive a letter listing the items you have checked out and a bill for the cost of the item(s). You have the option to pay for the items if they are lost or damaged beyond repair, or return them in good condition and pay the overdue fine(s). Your borrowing privilege will be suspended until all items are returned, overdue fines are paid, and/or cost of lost items is reimbursed to the Library.

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