Online book catalog

Our library has an online catalog of all our available materials through the Librarika system. Our patrons can get access to this catalog using thee search bar on the right side of this page! If you would like an account to keep track of due dates and request items send us an email!


Have you heard?

We are trying to raise money to remodel the old Hope Fire Station into a new community Library! Most of our fundraisers we had planned have been canceled. We are working to plan more in the near future!

However, we do accept donations! This is a very large project, it includes redoing cement flooring, building walls & a ceiling, and rebuilding the entire front of the the fire station to get rid of the garage doors and put in windows and a regular door!

We are very excited and hope to get the remodeling started as soon as possible, but we need your help! Thank you for supporting your local library!

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