Board Members

President                                                                                                                           Tina Lauxman

Vice President                                                                                                                    Lisa Storda

Treasurer                                                                                                                               Barb Lorson

Secretary                                                                                                                              Nancy Lorson

Trustees                                                                                                                                      Kelli Elliot                                                                                                                               Sara Hunnicutt                                                                                                                     Annette Jacobson

One thought on “Board Members”

  1. Did you get our FB message about WIFI speed increase to a GIG?
    We are working with Duane at NCKLS, he told us your equiptment could could handle the speed and reach needed.
    We are going to post a notice about it on social media, so I wanted you to be aware.
    -Angie Schwerdtfeger, TCT 7855610645

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